Monday, July 17, 2017

Rise of The Plant Man

As of late I've been helping Dyland with freelance work. He's become quite the expert at doing such, and the fact he lets me help him is wonderful. I've of course got work in later-August or early September, so I'm keeping busy. Plus a certain someone coming in 9 days... no idea how that will affect PTE posts, but hey, they could increase frequency!

The work itself has gone so far pretty good, today is the first of potentially 5 days of work. My camera skill is growing again which is great. I hate how unused skills get kinda rusty...
I'm very exhausted, and was a bit of a dolt, as I worked outside and didn't bring water. New City's got some hot weather and bad air currently, which dried me out like crazy.
But oh well, I tried to be prepared and was otherwise aside from the water.

Aside from the work, not much else is happening yet aside from the usual. I've sorta gotten into CS:GO but I'm trash and every competitive game I straddle being kicked out. Casual mode is much more fun. I think it's just I'm a casual gamer.


ok will try to scrape up some more news soon.

Friday, July 7, 2017

July Talb

While away in Hometown, our AC appears to have started having issues.
It keeps frosting over internally, and we had thought we fixed it a few days ago, but it seems to keep frosting up. It's a nuisance, especially since we're in a heat wave. (Though opening the frosted over bit helps it melt super fast...)

Aside from AC issues, things are pretty chill around here.The insurance and van are getting sorted out so that's good. The insurance went up, but not insanely, so that's another major relief.
That said thanks to someone's wedding, finances around here aren't hot, so the raise is still crippling. Buuut should be fine.

Later this month as well I have a visitor coming from across the pond. I checked old PTE posts and she's never been mentioned before, but it's worth noting she was the reason for my Germany Trip. It will be very nice to see her again, and it helps that this time I see her, I'm not spending my time working at Derpo and collecting the shambles of my life together.
I mean I will be training and working in late August-September and my life is as shambles as it could get but shhh details.
Actually I'm oceans healthier now, all is well lol.

ok time to steam games with cousins, peace

Friday, June 30, 2017

Bad Luck part VII

Pro-tip to you drivers out there: Do not try to turn around in a parking lot full of cars if you can help it.

So I got in a fender bender.

Abridged version is someone was in my blindspot and I braked when I heard their horn, but at that point both parties were moving still.
Luckily police arrived moments later and it was written up. I still have my license and neither party was hurt, so that's the silver linings.

Also I've been fighting a sinus infection. Likely a combo of Hometown, travelling, stress, and a hospital visit on the way back to New City, this infection has gone back and forth from chilling out to kicking my butt. Yesterday night was my longest sleep in the past 4 days, with a solid 4 hours straight.
I've seen the doctor and have meds, but it's still gonna take some time to heal.

In better news I'm going to a bazaar with friends tonight. Should be fun!
And I'm not

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Back To New City IV: A New Beginning

I now have a sibling who is married.

It's nice, and I'm happy to have a new brother as it were. They're a great match and I feel they will continue being the powerhouse they are together.

I also have been gone since the 5th for a Hometown trip. It was a busy trip, but everything went better than expected. I managed to see a lot of friends which was very awesome. I ran into the issue of seemingly running out of time despite being there for almost 3 weeks. Hometown trips always feel like there's no time lol.
Also it was mentioned I didn't give enough notice before I got to town so I shall be working on that.

Now I'm back and Dyland has mentioned he may have some odd jobs to keep me busy. Aside from that though, I have my entire wardrobe to go through. While away in Hometown, a border trip was managed, and while there I bought a lot of clothes. They were so awesome priced, I couldn't resist. Like 4 dollar ties. 3 dollar cufflinks. 4 dollar jeans. 2 dollar sweaters. And everything fit.

So yeah I need to redo my wardrobe lol.
But it was a good trip on a trip.

Aside from those things I also have another hair-brained video making scheme. But I'm not gonna say anything more unless something happens. Since my laptop and my desktop aren't powerful enough machines for what I wanna do... I've found a potential 3rd machine with an 8-core. No idea if it'll do though...

Ok there nice long post since it's literally almost been a month but then again I'm terrible with consistent posts as of late anyway so oh well.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Party Month

Not that it will be all too noticeable, but June may be post-patchy as soon I'm heading to Hometown for my sister's wedding.

I dunno how busy I'm going to be or how hectic it's gonna be, but I'm also very excited for the trip and all it entails. By the end, my sister will be graduated and married, my gf will be graduated, and I will have been a groomsman for the first time. (Also will be first time Emceeing a wedding, or rather co-, though I'm glad I have a co-speaker so the pressures not all on me haha..)

Gearing up for the trip, I've remained the opposite of a potato. Packing still needs to be done, but the van (yep I'm road-tripping) has been prepared. Tomorrow the hotel will be booked as well. (That's not a reminder for me cough cough.)

 For PTErs looking for numbers, June 5-20th is the current plan as of this post.

ok cya next post

pic is hometown crow, a common sight